Ghost House

by The Parlor

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Ghost House is a collection of songs from the vault. Songs we’d written but never recorded. Songs we recorded but wanted to breathe new life into. All of them were composed between 2006-2011, with the exception of tracks 1& 6 which were written in 2013.

They were revisited in August of 2013 while we recorded Apres Garde with Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned.

This EP became a parenthetical pause during the in-depth recording and production process of Wahzu Wahzu. We left many of the songs in the raw, creating a batch of stomp + clap, campfire-folk tracks that remind us of the pass-the-guitar days of 2008.


released November 21, 2014

written, recorded, and produced by Eric Krans & Jen O'Connor
Eric Krans: vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Jen O'Connor: vocals, percussion

c 2007-2014



all rights reserved


The Parlor Albany, New York

“The Parlor isn’t a group that’s only together when they can afford to rent studio time—music is integral to Krans and O’Connor’s Cloud Cult-esque, pan-artistic lifestyle on their farm...Their unpretentious exuberance ensures that it’s likely to remain just that for a long time to come.” –ThrdCoast ... more

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Track Name: I Am What I Appeared
You looked out from your window, you saw me in the chair
you loved me from afar for all I was right there.
Playing like a child, my voice was on the air
it came in through your screen and blew through golden hair.

And in your ear I twisted into dreams and thoughts and fears
and you became my partner for a thousand years.
And here we are now later, voices dry inside our ears
and you are upstairs somewhere, while I am singing here,
hoping that you'll hear. I was what I appeared....
and I will always love you...
Track Name: This Old Life
We've learned how to live this old life.
We dance in the morning, sail away in the evening.
We tell our mothers how we love them,
and place our hands on the shoulders of our fathers.

Oh this old life! this old life!

Oh we are wonderful animals.
Blessed with the thoughts that drive us insane.
And the means to compensate, the means to create.
And heaps of hard working words to correlate.

Oh this old life! this old life!
Track Name: Laura Ingalls Wilder
We built ourselves a fire between the apples and the creek
and in the shadows of the driveway you saw someone watching us.
And then over my shoulder the moon was getting brighter
and the log beside me looked alright for to sit on.
And I looked directly to you and I saw the fire burning in your glasses
as you told me 'bout Laura Ingalls Wilder.
Track Name: We Will Elope
You will bear all of my fruit.
And you will dress all of my wounds.
And I won't ask of you more than to do more than to be.
There are feet beneath the knees.
And a tower in the trees that rests upon the leaves,
and a future that believes.

Come like a hope, we will elope.
Hold out your hand to me.
Make me your soap, songs from your throat,
the berries that stained your hands.

And I will love you for the rest of your life.
I will love you...
Track Name: You're the One (That I'll Haunt)
You're the one that I'll haunt.
You're the one that I'll haunt when I move on and my body is gone.
You're the one that I'll haunt.

So don't be scared.
Don't catch a fright when you're in the night
and you catch the sight of me behind you
and don't break down at my little sound,
that's just me hanging on to you.

Cause you're the one that I'll haunt.
You're the one that I'll haunt when I move on and my body is gone.
You're the one that I'll haunt.

So don't let me out of this ancient house, this precious house,
this silly house with our hearts all around.
Where will you be when you catch my feet
stepping on the staircase late at night?
Then you'll know that I'm home.
Track Name: Big Big Love
When we were young and we were still in touch...
when all the world seemed to deal was luck...
when flowers grew from all the seeds we sowed...
and we always seemed to find the open road...
when all the clothes we owned were full of holes...
when we believed that we were old Tom Joad...
and I don't know how we made our hearts explode
when we were golden in the sun...

it was a big, big love...

There was a madness in the way we were...
'cause our weaknesses were too similar.
And I love to spin around and make a blur
and you'd love the mornings when we'd start to stir.
Tearing pages from a calendar,
trying to feel the spinning of the earth.
We tried to know how much a heart is worth.
There was madness in the way we were
running golden in the sun...

big big love...